Screen Cleaning

Most window cleaners simply spray the window screens with a garden hose. We clean the screens by hand, first washing the screen and then towel dry them (as per photo). This makes a significant difference!


Cleaning Off Concrete

Cleaning concrete off of bricks is about the most 

challenging cleaning job we have tackled. After brainstorming with the brick supplier, it was possible to remove the excess concrete without destroying the face of the underlying bricks.

Graffiti Removal

We carefully remove graffiti from almost any surface. While using professional grade products we can remove graffiti made by spray paint and permanent markers.

Cleaning Anodized Aluminum

If you have ever tried, you will understand how difficult it is to clean these commercial grade, anodized aluminum window frames. We can make the most challenging anodized aluminum window frames sparkle!


Cleaning Weathered Stucco

Cleaning weathered stucco can be challenging. The right cleaner combined with the correct water pressure can make a world of difference. 

Platform Trained

Our key team members have completed their Aerial Platform Training. Our training procedures ensure our employees work safely, with quality workmanship.

Leaf Guard Installation

Most installers, simply use regular steel screw when installing leaf guards. To prevent rust, others will use galvanized screws, which works fine for several years. We go to the extra expense of only using Stainless Steel screws, which will never rust. 

Window Cleaning

Other window cleaners often use Tucker Poles to clean exterior windows, which leave mineral streaks from the water. We still clean all our windows by hand with a scrubber and then hand squeegee off the water, leaving a streak free window. 


Pressure Washing

Old becomes new when our pressure washing services transform the appearance (and appeal) of your home exterior, driveway,  patios and walkways.

$5,000,000 in Insurance

Most companies have $2M in Liability Insurance. Along with WorkSafeBC coverage, we have $5M in Liability Insurance. We use Hub Insurance in Abbotsford. 

Gutter Cleaning

When we clean your gutters, we clean the inside and outside of the gutter by hand, effectively removing those nasty vertical dirt lines with an alcohol solution. Instead of pressure washing the gunk all over your yard, it is transported by buckets down our ladders.


Roof Moss Removal

Removing moss from your roof is labour intensive (if you want it cleaned properly). There are no shortcuts. Complete Clean has the team to safely and carefully clean each tile.

Cleaning Top Floor Windows

We have invested in high quality ladders to safely reach the high windows. Our ladders all have 'ladder supports', which are padded. Your gutters and siding are treated with respect!

Complete Clean Our Detailed Quality

Touching Up Anodized Aluminum

Touching up damaged anodized aluminum window frames is difficult. We can not make the perfect 

but we can greatly improve their appearance.

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