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Other roofers finish cedar roof restorations by cleaning out the gutters with their pressure washers, which sprays the dirt everywhere! We conclude by cleaning the gutters by hand. This takes longer but the dirt is carried down the ladder in buckets. We also clean the outside of the gutters with rubbing alcohol, which removes the dirt streaks. 
We connect plastic diverters to your gutters so the ‘thick gunk’ runs into our barrels, as per photo #5. This protects your perimeter drain from possibly plugging up. 
On cracked cedar shakes, metal shims are the preferred method of repair. To keep the shims in place, roofers bend the front edges, as shown in photo #1.

Complete Clean’s Patented Procedure


Ask anyone who has had their cedar roof restored and you will hear stories of how messy a yard can get. We created spray shields, as seen in photo #4, which keeps the dirt and moss in the gutter, instead of all over your yard.
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With our barbed shims, the cedar shake lies flat, as per photo #3, and the shims don’t blow off the roof! 
We innovatively install barbs on the top of the shims, as per photo #2 which hook into the  shake.
Patent App Number PCT/US14/64706
Unfortunately the lifting of the front of the cedar shake is unsightly (and many shims blow out in heavy windstorms.) 
(Patents In Process)